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Who We Are

Titanium Waste Technology Ltd has secured the rights to a decomposition technology that uses a heated titanium oxide catalyst for the decomposition of organic material. These rights apply in Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, North America, and Europe.

Our leading technology takes away the need for transporting waste, as the treatment and recovery of waste can take place on site. For example, medical waste can be treated in local hospitals and pathology centres, rather than being transported to depots where it is currently burnt in furnaces or taken to landfill. This provides an environmentally friendly and safer alternative to current waste management strategies.

Titanium Waste Technology Ltd will have full ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications as well as NSW 5th Edition accreditation.


Medical Waste

Recovery Of Soluble Silica, Carbon Fibers & Precious Metals

Chemical & Paint Desctruction

Our Environmental Values

  • Implementing systems that prevent environmental degradation
  • Complying with all legislative and regulatory environmental requirements of relevant authorities
  • Providing cutting edge technological solutions to waste management systems that will divert waste from landfill and other environmentally harmful treatment processes
  • Training and educating our team in relevant environmental and safety procedures, reducing the risk of environmental incidents and, encouraging their understanding of the aims and objectives of the company
  • Continually monitoring our services, plant, and machinery to ensure that they operate at the highest environmental standards
  • Setting environmental targets consistent with our aims and reviewing them on a regular basis
  • Monitoring the market and investing in new technologies that have the potential for positive impact on the environment

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